Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

We had Chinese last night. There’s a great place called China Moon on Main Street in Stoneham, and when we want a fix we order from there. I had the General Gau chicken with fried rice and yatka mein soup. Bill had the lobster sauce over white rice and wonton soup. My stuff was pretty good, but Bill wasn’t too crazy about the lobster sauce.

Of course, we each had fortune cookies. They gave us five cookies, and here’s what my two said:

“You’re transforming yourself into someone who is certain to succeed.”

I thought that sounded pretty good. But the second one pulled absolutely no punches:

“You will be successful someday.”

Nice. And before you go thinking that we got our cookies from a success-heavy batch, you should know that none of the three other cookies even mentioned success.

Confidently yours,
Beantown D

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Most not have much to write about?