Thursday, December 20, 2007

Going Back

I’ve been a bit distracted lately and never got to write about my trip home. It was a nice week and I got to see everybody so I had a good time.

Golden Anniversary
Happy anniversary to Bridge House. The 50th anniversary dinner was held the night that I arrived at the Tea Room at the Audubon Zoo. It was nice; the food was good; I got to catch up with all of my friends; and I got to meet John Larroquette, who was the guest speaker.

I usually couldn’t care less about meeting celebrities, but I was happy to meet John. I’ve been a fan of his since his Night Court days, and I’m a big fan of Boston Legal and I like his new character on there. He is exactly as you would imagine him in person: dry, quick wit, personable, intelligent, and very open. He was quite candid as he described his years of alcohol and drug abuse. Once, he was in L.A., stumbling down the street, and he blacked out. The next thing he remembers is being in New Orleans. He doesn’t remember deciding to go to New Orleans, going to the airport, buying a ticket, or flying. He almost lost his family and a budding career, but one night he was sitting with a friend about to snort some cocaine and he thought, “What the hell am I doing?” He excused himself, got up, went home to his wife, and has never looked back. God bless him. He was quite an inspiration to all of us there, and particularly to the clients of Bridge House who are working towards recovery.
Bub, Merry, John, and me

Party Time
On Sunday I went over to the Clements for Matty and Rachel’s birthday party. With the threat of bad weather, Brian and Becca decided to cancel the big Jupiter jump thing and move the party to this indoor jump place at the mall. But before the party a bunch of us met at their house to watch the Saints game. I got to take a picture with the kids. Isn’t Rachel’s Saints cheerleader outfit the cutest thing you ever saw in your life?
Jake, Matt, me, Rachel & Karl

The party was fun but the place was run by a bunch of high school students who aren’t very conscientious about their jobs, but at least the kids had fun, so that was nice.

Paying Up
Since I called him out in my blog, I feel that I should let you know that Mark is definitely a man of principle. He took me to Lakeview Harbor, a place that has the same kind of burgers as Port of Call, and paid off his bet. Now, I get to call him out a second time! Mark, your pathetic little team lost again, and I expect my second burger of the 2007 season when I visit in January. Sorry.
Me, Sandy & Mark

I also visited with Tommy, Chanel, Dan & Karen and the girls, Jeanie, and of course Mom, Ka, Robby and Mike. I got some Mexican food while I was there. I took my nephew Zach and niece Erin out for dinner and they wanted to go to a Mexican place near their house. That was good because I rarely get Mexican food at home; Bill isn’t a big fan.
Me, Zach, & Erin

Friday night, the night before I was leaving, was Bubby’s birthday so of course we had to celebrate. We all got together and went to Drago’s for some good oysters and good food. We all had a blast, and I’m sure Bubby would have had a great time if he would have been there. Unfortunately, Bub decided to go to Disney World the week after Thanksgiving so he had to miss his celebratory birthday dinner. Oh, well. We had fun celebrating his birthday anyhow, and I was able to take over his condo for the week and have a nice quiet place to stay for free!
Jakie riding his bike
Karl riding his bike
Matty riding his bike

I’ve got a great group of friends and it was nice to go out and relax with all of them on my last night in town. I got to the Clements a bit early and was able to hang out with the kids before they left for their babysitters.

So, all in all, a great trip.
The Krewe at Drago's
Rosie, Flea, Brad, Christie, Brian, Becca, Wendy, me, Walter (Nekkid Foot)

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

If you’ve known me for awhile, you’re not going to believe this, but I’m finished with my Christmas shopping! Unbelievable, isn’t it? But it’s not all motivation; the internet helped a lot this year. It’s so easy to buy online; it’s a godsend for procrastinators like me!

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Great pix, Den. It looks like you had fun.

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