Friday, May 9, 2008

The Weekly Roundup

Super Duper
Obama steams toward Democratic nomination as Clinton's bid falters
How does one get appointed a “superdelegate?” And why the hell hold primaries that don’t count? What is going on with the Democratic party?
(International Herald Tribune)

Causing A Stink
Body of woman, 90, found on toilet in inhabited Wis. Home
In Kansas, a live woman sat on a toilet for two years. In Wisconsin, it seems like they don’t remove them even after they’re dead. Totally creepy.
(Associated Press)

Shady Dealings
Calls mount for Olmert's resignation
Political corruption goes on even in the Holy Land, it would appear. Boy, those Palestinians will use any reason to stall the peace process, won’t they? A year? Give me a break.
(Washington Post)

All In The Family
Fritzl recalls start of incest family
"Ever since she entered puberty she did not adhere to any rules any more, she would spend whole nights in dingy bars, drinking alcohol and smoking," he said. By that logic, pretty much every teenager I know would be held captive in their basements and forced to have sex with their fathers.
(United Press International)

Delivering For Less
FedEx cuts profit forecast on fuel costs
It really is only the Arabian sheiks and big oil companies who get fat while the rest of us decide between eating and filling up our tanks.

Stoned Pits
DMX Busted at Home for Pot, Pit Bulls
You mean DMX smokes weed and neglects his dogs? Who would have believed something so outrageous? Say hello to Michael Vick for me.
(E! Online)

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