Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pasta, Tequila, Chicken Pie, Mop and a Little Cocky Bastard

The reason our new mop doesn’t fit the bucket is, it was Cinco de Mayo.

We’ve got the third annual yankee boil coming up here in a few weeks, and we’re doing some work sprucing up downstairs and the backyard. Monday we ended up going to Home Depot and Linens & Things looking for shelf units for the downstairs bathroom and some brackets for the outdoor staircase handrail. By the time we were done we realized that it was close to 7:00 and we were hungry, so we ate at the Macaroni Grill right there by Linens & Things.

Monday, of course, was Cinco de Mayo, and I realized that as we were sitting down to our Italian feast at the Macaroni. Luckily, the bar makes some decent margaritas so I celebrated with a couple of them, ate my chicken with vodka cream sauce, paid the bill with my Visa card, and headed home.

Tuesday I realize I’d better go ahead and order Mom’s flowers for Sunday to make sure they get there on time. I go to or whatever the site is and when I go to pay, I pull out my debit Mastercard. I was surprised that my Visa wasn’t right behind it like it usually is. I complete the transaction and look through my wallet. The Visa is nowhere in sight.

So I started thinking when was the last time I used it, and I remembered the Macaroni Grill the night before. I called them and, sure enough, they had it. When Bill got home, I mentioned that I was going back to the Grill to pick up my card and that I would pick us up a Harrow’s chicken pie for dinner on the way home.

Off I went. The chicken pie place is between the house and the Macaroni Grill, and I was almost there when the phone rang with Mikey’s (Bill’s nephew) number on it. Instead of Mikey, however, it was Michael, his dad (Bill’s brother), telling me to turn around and go pick Bill up. Apparently Bill left his phone at his store and couldn’t remember my cell phone number, so he called his brother who got my number off of Mikey’s phone. Rolling my eyes, I proceeded to get the chicken pie (they close early) and went all the way back to the house to pick up Bill.

Bill stated that the reason he changed his mind about coming with me is that he decided to get the shelf unit we were looking at the day before. We grabbed the card from Macaroni Grill and then headed over to Home Depot to get the shelf unit. When we walked in we saw the mops and Bill remembered that I was complaining about our mop so he suggested we get a new one. We got a nice one, too, so nice that it’s too big for our bucket. So now we need to get a new bucket. I think it’s a Home Depot conspiracy.

So, had it not been Cinco de Mayo, I might not have had the margaritas and not been so silly as to leave my Visa card behind, and we wouldn’t have gone back to Home Depot on Tuesday, and wouldn’t have bought a mop on impulse, and maybe would have measured the bucket before we went to purchase the mop. But I doubt it.

Way To Go, Matto!
Bill’s nephew Matt got a four-page story in the UMass Boston school paper. Check out the link below. Matty’s new nickname is “Face.” He loves it. He’s really doing great as you can find out by reading the article. By the way, in case you’re curious like I was, I asked him why his high school coach didn’t like him at first and he replied, “Because I was a little cocky bastard.” My next question was how was then any different from now, then I observed, “oh yeah, you’re not little anymore.” Fortunately, this was a phone conversation so I didn’t get punched. Yet.

Face of the Franchise

In all seriousness, though, Matt’s understated quotes in the article are not muted in any way. The big cocky bastard seems to prefer to let his performance on the field do his speaking for him these days. After his second or third meet this year, I asked him how he did, and he replied, “Alright” in a “whatever” kind of voice. Then the next day I read that he was named Rookie of the Week for his conference because of his stellar performance in that week’s meet. I guess when you got it, you don’t need to flaunt it, it flaunts itself for you.

Keep it up, Face. We’re rooting for ya!

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