Friday, June 6, 2008

A Fun Time

I keep waiting to post the pictures of the Third Annual Yankee Boil until I have time to write about it, but doesn't seem like that's happening anytime soon, so here are the photos. I'm not going to bother explaining who any of these people are or we'll be here all night. I'm sure I'll write about most of these people sooner or later and you can come back and reference. Haha.

Anyhow, without further ado, I give you the photos from the Third Annual Yankee Boil held May 24th, 2008 at our house in Stoneham, MA. These yankees love their crawfish! The photos are in no order except how they came out as I was uploading them.

Taylor & Steve

The birthday photo (every year, we have a cake and get a photo of all the people who have birthdays in May).

Taylor as The Thinker (Taylor was drunk and being a little silly. We like Taylor).

Mikey messing with Dev. Dev wasn't feeling well. I wonder if the hurricanes, cyclones, hand grenades and tropical itches had anything to do with that. Hmmmmm

Rubbing the drunk's head for good luck

This girl won the junior miss massachusetts title the next day. That head rubbing really works!

Bill showing some newbies how to enjoy the crawfish

Steve & Keith

The obligatory crawfish boil table shot

Mikey & Taryn (I think this is a cute picture)

Nancy & Bob

Nicky, Dianne & Maria

Eatin' good in the neighborhood!

A fun group posing with their commemorative t-shirts. Bill did a good job on the t's.


Kay & Dave

Matt & Robbie and some of their pals

I guess I surprised Matt with this picture

Michael (this kid worked his butt off helping us get ready)

Yes, we grill, too, and Mike is the Grillmaestro!

Harvey & Binnie with Bub

As the daylight winds down, the karaoke begins!

Which one's Hall and which one's Oates?

I will explain who Roxanne is cuz this is funny. Our next door neighbors Donald and Ilene (I've written about them before, in the Halloween post, Joey is their 4-year-old son) had their son Josh's first birthday party the same day and time as the boil. Josh is the baby boy that Lisa's holding in the birthday photo. So we were all kind of going back and forth between the two parties most of the afternoon. Roxanne is the girlfriend or fiancee of Ilene's brother, and they were spending the night at Don and Ilene's. When our party began to devolve into a karaokefest, Roxanne heard us and came running over in her pajama bottoms declaring her love for karaoke. So she and Bob did several duets for our entertainment. Between the karaoke and messing with the passed out Devon, we were having fun late into the night!

Bub The Chefmizzer (the most popular guy at the party)

Deana & Evan

Taryn's delicious crawfish cake!

Matt with his parents, Di and Mike

Lots and lots to eat!
It was a fun party, most everybody that said they were coming came, and we are eagerly looking forward to next year. And I'm sure we'll do it again; even though it's always been hell trying to get the crawfish up here, and this year was no exception (put it this way, Bub and I were at Continental Air Cargo at 11:30 the night before picking them up), it's always a lot of fun and people love it and they eat and eat and eat. That's all the validation I need!


Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!!! I am a bit jealous because I could not eat crawfish this year for some odd medical reason. Anyway it is so great to see you having fun times. I am very proud of you, my brothers.

Love you, Ka

Tiffany Truxillo said...

so you shipped them live???? now wonder you had cake, shirts, and all - its a big deal up there!