Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Always Something There To Remind Me

Bill's nephews Mikey and Matt went to an 80's themed party with their friends recently. I happened to be over there while they were getting ready and, being a child of the 80s myself, was able to offer a few tips. Unfortunately, not all of my advice was followed, most notably my suggestion to Steve that he go home and change into pants that weren't so tight that they made him look like John Travolta's gay cousin. After all, that would be from the 70s! But by and large, I think the kids looked good. These photos were taken with my cell phone camera so the quality's pretty poor.

Isn't She Pretty In Pink?
(Mikey & Taryn)

Parents Just Don't Understand
(Steve, Mikey, Dianne & Matt [with Joey in the background])

Just A Gigolo
(Dianne, Matt & Taryn)

Don't Worry, Be Happy
(Mikey & Steve)

Baby When You Call Me You Can Call Me Al

The Boys Of Summer
(Mikey, Steve & Matt)

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight
(Steve, Dianne, Mikey, Matt & Taryn)

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