Friday, September 19, 2008

The Weekly Roundup

Money Matters
A changed Wall Street hopes for positive signs
As soon as the federal government agrees to spend billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out the rich (yet again) they go ahead and ramp up again. How many times are we going to bail these people out until they get it right? And doesn’t all this bailing out cripple the natural evolution of a market-driven economy? Where would so many of the small businesses that fail every year be if we didn’t feel it necessary to equip big investment companies with golden parachutes when they clearly don’t learn from their mistakes?
(International Herald Tribune)

Bring It On, Bitches
In video, Al Qaeda vows more U.S. attacks
They talk tough, but all they want to do is kill innocent people who haven’t done a thing to them just to make a point. I guess the point they’re trying to make is, “we can kill people.” Really, what they are is a bunch of cowards that deserve our pity and to be wiped off the planet.

Got Scandal?
Milk off shelves as China's safety scandal grows
Who could have seen this one coming? Of all the processed products out there, who ever would have thought that milk would be a target of additives that will make people sick? And with the suggestion of animal urine possibly being added, I don’t know if I’ll ever drink milk again.
(Associated Press)

The Snoops Trial
Class action lawsuit charges President, NSA with illegal surveillance
Of course, this will never go anywhere, and that’s a shame. I completely agree with President Bush that terrorists are still looking to attack this country and that we need to use whatever methods are available to find out who they are and what they plan. But I would argue that arbitrary, unwarranted spying on Americans is not a method available to the government. If we’re going to give up our civil rights in the name of security, then what freedoms, exactly, are we trying to preserve?

And the Smog Gets Heavier
Light Rail Train Hits Bus in LA; 14 Injured
Two train catastrophes in one week in LA. At least this one didn’t involve any fatalities. Hopefully the MTA will get its act together after this one.
(ABC News)

Damn Democrats!
Tryst in Minneapolis hotel room turns into $50K robbery for Republican convention delegate
Well, what do you expect to happen when you pick up Chelsea Clinton at a bar at the Republican convention?

Dr. Detroit
Detroit welcomes a new mayor, a new era
And this one doesn’t have to wear an ankle monitor!
(Detroit Free Press)

Ghost of the Past
Ike uncovers mystery ship in Alabama
I guess hurricanes aren’t totally a negative thing. How did no one find this before now? It couldn’t have been buried that far out for Ike to have uncovered it.
(USA Today)

Go Cook Yourself
Skin Cancer Researchers Oppose Industry Campaign to Portray Tanning Beds as Healthy
What I don’t understand is how people can fall for crap like the tanning industry tries to shove down our throats? If ultraviolet rays are unhealthy when coming from the sun, which is about 93 million miles away, then how is it possible to think that they are not unhealthy when coming from a source that’s about 3 inches away?

Tiger Bait
John Werner's College Predictions: Auburn tough spot for LSU
Hopefully tomorrow’s outcome will reverse the trend of LSU losing at Auburn. Go Tigers! (the LSU ones, I mean)
(Waco Tribune-Herald)

Diddy and His Private Plane Feel Pain at the Pump
This is a disgrace. Something has to be done. It’s bad enough that Americans are scaling back their vacations, people have to take public transportation more often, the price of everything that is moved by gasoline powered vehicles (read: everything) is going up, but now Diddy has to travel on first class instead of private jet! Somebody let me know where I can donate money to ease this poor man’s pain.

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