Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Be N. A. Hole

Actually, you can't. That name belongs to a guy who has become my hero.

It's dangerous to do this, because it might cause me to lose my faithful readers (both of you), but tonight I'm going to suggest that you check out another blog.

I stumbled across this blog one night when I was doing a web search for something or other, I can't even remember now. I probably didn't even find what I was looking for that night because I spent the rest of the night reading the entire blog. Ever since, I have checked his blog every day to satisfy my thirst for his unique way of sharing his ideas.

Some would say he's crass. He is.

Some would say he's rude. He is.

Some would say he's profane. He is.

Some would say he makes sense. He does.

Some would say he's intelligent. He is.

Some would say he's funny. He is.

Here is how he describes himself from the "About" section of his blog.

"I'm N.A. Hole

"Listen, I don’t want to brag, but I’m an asshole. When I was born I guess that my parents were drunk or something because they called me N.A. I don’t have a name, just two fucking letters: N.A. What sucks even more than not having a name is that my last name is fucking Hole. That’s right, my name is N.A. Hole - as in an a-hole as in an asshole - and it stinks. Imagine with me if you will what it was like for me growing up - 'oh look, there goes an a-hole' 'oh my god, an a-hole asked me out for a date' etc. I think you get the fucking picture.

"For what it’s worth, I decided to start a site to see if I couldn’t put my name to some good use for all mankind. And if I can’t, well fuck it."

If you're in need of some entertainment as well as some enlightenment, check out his blog through the link below:

Ask An A-Hole

The Sox pulled it off in Game 5. It certainly won't be easy from here.

Of course, the weekend I'm going to be in New Orleans, the Saints are playing a home game. IN LONDON!

The Blazer needs a new starter. Good thing I won't need it for a week.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

1 comment:

N.A. Hole said...

Dood - you're a fucking dood but you rock! This is the kind of fucking post that makes my lazy ass want to write more. I've been a total douche bag for a while but will dry to dry out.