Friday, October 3, 2008

The Weekly Roundup

You Bet’cha
Palin-Biden debate sets TV ratings record
Perhaps it was because there was absolutely nothing on TV last night besides this debate! The ballgame was a blowout and every single channel had the debate going. We turned it on after it became clear that the game wasn’t going to get any better. I’ve never been very interested in Vice Presidential debates; I mean seriously. We vote the top of the ticket, not the bottom. An elected Vice President really hasn’t been relevant since LBJ in the 60s. At first it was just background noise as I did some work on the computer but then I started actually watching, and I have to say I came away from the debate with more respect for both Biden and Palin. He managed to avoid being petty and condescending, and actually came off compassionate and knowledgeable without any gaffes as he is famous for. She actually showed up prepared, which shows that she studied for this debate. I have no problems with candidates who don’t know all the details about all the issues, but you need to show a penchant for picking things up, and she certainly was a fast study. But what struck me the most about this debate was the level of communication. You actually learned something about these two during the course of the debate. It wasn’t just an alternating hooray for our side/boo for your other side kind of thing, like the Obama/McCain debate was. You actually had two leaders engaging in meaningful dialogue and each came off as honest. Still don’t know who I’m voting for, but I am at least impressed with whoever wins the #2 spot.

He’s Bailing
Paulson Moves On to Nuts and Bolts of Rescue
After all this, they’re still saying we will most likely see a deep recession. Basically, we’re screwed already so I repeat, WHY are we bailing these people out? Why don’t we let the market adjust on its own? If we’re going to have to suffer the effects of recession anyway, why don’t we suffer a little more for a little longer and then possibly come away with a new model for financial markets that actually works like it's supposed to?
(Washington Post)

Granny’s Got a Gun, Part II
Ohio woman, 90, shoots self during eviction; Fannie Mae forgives loan
Maybe instead of buying bad debts, the government should just hand out free guns to anyone who is about to be foreclosed on. Then maybe the whole thing would just work itself out, case by case, one way or another.
(USA Today)

Tough Luck
Chance meeting leads to arrest in 1967 killing
This has to be one of the craziest arrests I’ve ever heard about. For 41 years this guy has been running the streets and because some police officer took an interest in a story told to him by an Alzheimer’s patient at a dinner party, the suspect is now in custody. Wow.
(Associated Press)

Police: Pa. landlord spied on 34 female tenants
Seriously, can’t you just download porn like a normal person? It’s easy to find, and it’s free. Um….so I’ve been told.
(Associated Press)

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