Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

It was great today to look out the window and see this. It’s not much, but it is snow, and that’s a good thing! I always thought that it had to be freezing to snow, but apparently not. It never got below freezing today; that must be why the snow didn’t stick. It’s not piled up, and there’s no need for the plows.

I did have to go out driving in it to pick up a few final things for Thanksgiving. Bill & I went shopping last night and got most everything for the dinner, the turkey, ingredients for the stuffing, side dish stuff, wine, and everything else. But we didn’t get ground beef for the stuffing because it was wicked expensive, and Bill forgot bananas, and we didn’t get egg nog, and we needed another can of cut green beans for the casserole, so I went out to Foodmaster today, then over to Bill’s store to drop off the ground beef.

So here’s what I’m doing for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I’m working ½ day then going to pick up Dev from the airport around 7. We’ll head over to Bill’s brother Michael’s house after where Bill and Michael will be cooking three different kinds of stuffing. They make some great stuffing. We’ll also be drinking a jug of Fortissimo wine. Nothing but the best for Thanksgiving!

Thursday morning we’ll wake up and go over to Bill’s other brother Frank’s house for some pre-partying. Frank and his wife Anne have a big dinner with a bunch of family, and we stop by for some appetizers and cocktails. Then we’ll head over to Michael’s for more Fortissimo and stuffing, then head back to the house in the afternoon for our Thanksgiving feast. Frank and his family and Michael and his family always say that we are welcome to their dinners, but we like doing our thing, especially with Dev over, we enjoy having our own little dinner. We let everyone know that we have tons of food, so they are all welcome to come over for a second Thanksgiving dinner. They eat earlier in the day and our feast isn’t ready until around 5. Last year Bill’s nephew Matt came by “just to hang” because he was full from dinner, so he only had two platefulls of food. I guess if he were hungry he would have had five plates of food!! We’ll see who makes it over this year for the post-feast feast.

Friday Bill will have to work at the store so Dev and I will do Lord knows what, then head into Cambridge later in the day to meet an old high school friend of mine for drinks. That will be nice.

Flight Plan
Saturday I’ll get up early and head to the airport to spend a week in New Orleans. I promised my godson that I would be in town for his birthday party so I’m keeping my promise. His party is Sunday, and there’s a 50th anniversary dinner for Bridge House on Saturday night, so hopefully there will be no delays getting to New Orleans. I’ll get to see Mom and Ka and my friends while I’m in town, so I’m looking forward to the trip.

Our annual Christmas bash is set for December 8th, and it’s looking to be a good one! If you’re in the Boston area then, stop on by.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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