Friday, November 9, 2007

The Weekly Roundup

Let Freedom Ring
Pakistani Leader Blocks Protests, Creating Impasse
Democracy is fine as long as everybody does what I say. Hmm. Let’s call this one “The GW Bush Theory of Government.”
(New York Times)

What a Drip
Mukasey Confirmed as Bush's Third Attorney General
He doesn’t know if waterboarding is torture or not. I have a suggestion. Let’s subject him to the procedure, then afterwards he can let us know what he thinks. This was probably just a case of total dispassion on the part of the Senate. The guy’s only going to serve 15 months, at most, and if they hadn’t confirmed him, Bush would just have appointed him “interim” and that would be that.

Black Birds
Skimmers at work removing oil from bay and ocean
One of the drawbacks of these wonderful combustion engines that are in all of our cars is that they need oil. And, occasionally, oil turns our waterways into wasteways. Trash the oil companies if you want, but then I’d better see you riding your bike to work tomorrow.
(San Francisco Chronicle)

Checks and Balances
US Congress Overrides Bush Veto For the First Time
It’s about time someone showed this guy who’s in charge. He’s been denying the gulf south money for coastal repairs for far too long. What does he think is going to happen? Everyone will just keep moving north until we’re all living in the Dakotas?
(VOA News)

I Hate When This Happens
Fall Into Wood Chipper Kills Tree Trimmer
(CBS News)

A Bunch of Bull
Energy Drinks Linked To Heart Risk, Study
Well, I guess I’d better stay away from these things.
(Medical News Today)

Funny Beads
500,000 Chinese-made toys recalled over date-rape drug link
Teasing toddler been making eyes at you and not following through? Just play Bindeez with them!
(Guardian Unlimited)

My Stars!
Cosmic 'Bullets' Traced To Supermassive Black Holes
Space has always been a mystery, but it’s interesting to read when they discover new information about what’s out there. One day, I’d love to find somebody who can explain what all this means in plain English.
(FOX News)

Orwell Would Be Proud
Whistleblower: AT&T Maintained a 'Secret Room' for the NSA
Think about who might be watching next time you’re browsing the galleries at

Conan's "Most Dangerous Fan" Found Fit for Trial
This priest’s last assignment was at St. Patrick’s here in Stoneham where I live, and Bill actually knows him. Weird, huh? Who’d want to stalk Conan O’Brien? Jay Leno I could understand…
(E! News)

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