Friday, November 16, 2007

The Weekly Roundup

Counting Beans
US Congress Begins Break Amid Funding Battles
They’re all going home to their families to celebrate a solemn occasion of thanks and to reflect how fortunate we all are to be Americans, then they’ll be back to gut-punching each other over whose district gets more pork than the others.
(VOA News)

Gas Blues
OPEC Gathering Finds High Oil Prices More Worrisome Than Welcome
So who exactly DOES benefit when oil prices are high? And if the answer is, “no one,” then let’s bring ‘em down!
(New York Times)

The Friendly Skies
US military airspace opened to ease Thanksgiving traffic jam
I’ll admit that there are very few times I’m loving my president, but if this gets me to New Orleans next Saturday with less of a headache than I’m anticipating, maybe a positive Bush thought might float through my head for a minute or so.

Tree Terror
Worst Forest Disaster in U.S. History
Another effect of Katrina that I never imagined, the fact that over 320 million trees have fallen and are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere almost double that of what is absorbed in a year will actually fuel future weather events.
(ABC News)

Get That Cough Away From Me
Ten Die From New Cold Virus Strain in US
As if there isn’t enough to worry about during cold and flu season.

Jailhouse Confession
Lohan does 84 minutes in jail
This might seem like a miscarriage of justice, but Lindsay found God while behind bars, completed prison education programs, became a mentor for younger inmates, and got some cool prison tats!
(Los Angeles Times)

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