Friday, November 23, 2007

Tis The Season

Here are some photos of our Thanksgiving exploits.

Bill and Michael hard at work on the stuffing.

They do three kinds: meat stuffing, Portuguese stuffing, and Italian stuffing. The meat stuffing is by far the most popular. It is very tasty and almost a meal in itself.

Jessica posing with the Fortissimo wine. It is a very good breakfast wine!

Bill is enjoying his breakfast wine.

Michael taking a break from cooking.

Mikey about to enjoy some meat stuffing. If he looks a little pale and red-eyed, it's only because some guy named "Yurksis" had a party the night before and Mikey hadn't fully recovered yet. hehe!

The meat stuffing.

Jess and Sarah posing with the breakfast wine as Michael pours himself a little taste.

Michael and Dev discussing some important Thanksgiving topics.

Me with my breakfast wine (note I'm drinking out of a Red Sox lager glass)

The stuffing on the stove (yum!)

Matt enjoying some stuffing (yes, he went to the "Yurksis" party too)

Later, that same day...

Bill loves those yams.

Our spread

The rest of our spread.

It was an excellent Thanksgiving. And if you thought you noticed our dining room windows open, it's because they were. It got into the upper 60s on Thanksgiving Day in Stoneham, and with the oven and the burners going it got very hot in the house.

We had a great meal, great to have Dev as has become our Thanksgiving tradition, and great to spend the day with Bill's family whom I consider to be my family also.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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