Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardi Surdoue

Well, while all of my friends and family were celebrating Fat Tuesday, I got to celebrate Super Tuesday here in Stoneham. This was the first time I’ve ever voted in a primary. You can actually go in and ask for the ballot of your choice if you’re registered independent like I am. So I asked for the Republican ballot. I knew Hillary would win Massachusetts by plenty, but I thought that McCain might have a chance to upset Romney if enough smart people voted his way. I was wrong, but overall, I’m encouraged by the Republican race. After a few more primaries, perhaps McCain will have it wrapped up.

Things are a little more interesting on the Democratic side. Delegate-wise, Clinton and Obama are basically neck and neck, but Clinton’s campaign is bleeding funds while Obama is raising money by the truckload.

The only decision I’ll have to make in the general election is if it’s McCain going against Obama. I trust McCain; I don’t quite trust Obama, but my opinion can be swayed. If it’s McCain going against Clinton, McCain’s got my vote. If it’s any other Republican nominee, then I’m voting Democratic. McCain is the only Republican that, in my opinion, has integrity, leadership skills, good ideas, and the work ethic to get it done.

I would have a lot more respect for Hillary if she had dumped Bill’s ass. The man made a fool out of her in front of the entire world, and she let it go. My opinion is that she stayed with him strictly for political purposes, and that disgusts me. I cannot endorse a person who has absolutely no self-respect.


leah said...

Come on Den you can't be really pulling for McCain, he's so old he'll die in office. What are they going to serve at state dinnes Ensure?

Dennis O'Hara said...

If it's McCain against Hillary then I'll have a hard time voting for her against him. If it's McCain against Obama it could go either way for me.