Friday, February 15, 2008

The Weekly Roundup

Keeping My Fingers Crossed
Obama Continues to Build Momentum in Presidential Bid
Could Obama and Clinton be headed for a showdown in Colorado? I hope not, but it would make for interesting television. Clinton is going all-out negative in her latest TV spot in Wisconsin. Isn’t that what candidates do when they are panicking?
(Voice of America)

Ill. gunman's rampage baffles friends
I was stunned like everyone else yesterday when this news came on. I guess I just don’t understand the whole nature of mental illness and how someone gets to the point where they feel compelled to carry out such violence. But as much as I feel for the victims’ families, I also feel bad for the family of the shooter. The press is accosting this man’s poor father and you can see the pain and sadness in his eyes as he begs to be left alone to suffer his trauma in private.
(Kansas City Star)

Missile Defense
Attempt to shoot down spy satellite to cost up to $60 million
There’s a “slim” chance that 1,000 pounds of flammable fuel will crash into a populated area. Yeah, let’s shoot the thing down.

Walker Walking
Government Accountability Chief Resigns
Does the GAO have any actual power? I know they review the processes and the money that flows through the government, but do they have actual authority to stop practices that waste resources unnecessarily? I’ve never really been sure what the line is with them.
(Washington Post)

Lost Lives
Ex-Ohio Cop Convicted of Lover's Death
This is heartbreaking. What kind of man puts his two year old son through that? I’ll answer my own question: a coward, a jackass, a person totally spent of morals. The fact that this man was in a position to determine the criminal behavior of others is frightening.
(Associated Press)

What a Whackjob
'Lonely' Calif. man accused of making 27,000 crank calls to 911
Just find some friends already!
(USA Today)

You Like the Juice?
FEMA trailers toxic, tests show
Yeah, I knew there was something strange smelling in my sister’s FEMA trailer. It was foul and it was strong. I’m glad she’s out of there.
(Los Angeles Times)

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