Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Tall Man

Happy Halloween. I spent the night giving out candy and then I made poor Bill watch Phantasm. I saw it when I was a kid and remember being very scared; this time I laughed my head off.

Free Candy

We had a bunch of trick-or-treaters tonight. I sat on the porch with the CD player blasting spooky music and was very generous with the candy. What’s up with these kids nowadays? I had to make them say “trick or treat” and half of them didn’t even wear costumes! Even the ones that did were half-assed. The exception was Joey, the 4 year old from next door. His parents did him up in a very convincing Dracula, complete with the slicked hair and fangs. He came by twice, so I filled him up both times, plus gave him a 100 Grand bar and a Twix bar from my “private” stash. Hey, the costume effort should count for something, right?


This is Marcus the Carcass trying to rise from his grave in our yard.

This is our inflatable jack-o-lantern and ghosts. One group of girls trick-or-treating posed and took pictures by this.

This is a jack-o-lantern that our new neighbors next door (Joey’s parents) brought over when they were leaving their house to go to a party. Isn’t the Frankenstein carving the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? The one on the left was taken without the flash so you can see the spooky carving; the one on the right is with the flash so you can see the jack-o-lantern.

Sour Grapes

So did you notice how, in the middle of the fourth and final game of the World Series, the stupid Yankees decide to announce that A-Hole isn’t coming back next season? Then the next day they announce Girardi as the manager, then Mattingly isn’t coming back. Give me a break! The Yankees are like a spoiled little kid that can’t stand that his brother or sister is getting all the attention, so he starts stirring up stuff to basically say, “Look at me! Look at me!!” How pathetic are they?

It kills them that the best team in baseball, their rivals, dominate the Series, so they try to grab the headlines for themselves. It’s piteous, really.

No Sleeping in The City

Even though I hate the Yankees, I love the city that they’re from! Bub and I have been planning to meet in New York City this weekend for months now. We’re staying with some friends of his in Brooklyn who have promised to show us a good time. I leave first thing Friday morning and I’ll be back in time for the Patriots-Colts super matchup on Sunday. One of these days I have to go spend some quality time in New York. Both times I’ve been, and now this time, too, it’s for 48 hours or less! That might work if you want to see, say, Wichita, Kansas, but not so much New York. Although I do get an extra hour this time because of daylight saving time ending on Saturday night.


It’s finally nice and cold. Now waiting for the snow to start. I know, I’m weird…

I got my first “happy holidays!” today. It just gets earlier and earlier every year. The person who said it to me, I’m not going to see until January, but it still struck me as odd.

Jonathan Papelbon is on Letterman tonight. I hope he doesn’t get booed off the stage. It is taped in New York, you know…

Well, Bill is snoozing on the couch and I want to go watch J-Pap dance on Letterman, so I’m out.


Leah Mellin said...

Well, I'm glad you had a wonerdful Holloween. Craig and I went and saw the Rocky Horror play Holloween night, it was a trip. Anyway, you better watch how much candy you eat, remember your heart love.

Love Ya

Darren Isabelle said...

Marcus looks like a statue in DC in a park on the Patomic River. It's called the Awakening. Very Cool Denny! : )