Friday, October 26, 2007

The Weekly Roundup

Burning Bushes
Despite Progress, California Fires Still Pose Threat
My heart goes out to the people of southern California. I heard from my friend Celino today and his family is safe with no loss of property, although they did have to evacuate. Here’s hoping the weather starts to cooperate and settles the area again.
(New York Times)

Ayatollah Redux
Iranians Dismiss New U.S. Sanctions
I don’t know what the answer is here. All I know is that Iran cannot amass a nuclear arsenal without serious consequences for the world. And I don’t understand why they can’t see that.
(New York Times)

Futile Errant Miscue Again
US disaster agency apologizes for fake 'reporters'
You’ve got to be kidding me! Nobody shows up for a press conference, so he has his employees pose as reporters and ask him questions. Here’s a guy with a serious CJ Cregg complex.

Justice is Served
Genarlow Wilson Freed
The fact that this young man spent even one day in prison for consensual sex with a young lady two years his junior should invoke outrage in anyone who calls himself an American.
(ABC News)

Talking Turkey
U.S. and Turkey Thwart Armenian Genocide Bill
First, let me say that I am absolutely convinced that what happened to the Christian Armenian minority almost 100 years ago was indeed genocide. That having been said, the United States government passing a resolution calling it genocide is not going to make one single bit of difference to anyone who was harmed. It’s either genocide or it’s not. The fact of the US Congress agreeing to abide by the definition of genocide doesn’t change anything, and there are far greater problems that I would like the people who claim to earn my tax dollars focusing on.
(New York Times)

Coffee, Tea, or Chateaubriand?
Airbus ratchets up competition
And I thought that extra leg room in coach was a step up.
(Los Angeles Times)

Maybe They’ll Paint and Add Drapes, Too
Astronauts Add New Room to Space Station
Godspeed to our astronauts on the space station. Did you notice the press that the two women commanders are getting? I think NASA public affairs is trying to play up the non-psycho female astronauts for a change.
(Associated Press)

I Knew There Had to Be an Explanation for Danny Bonaduce
Some Neanderthals May Have Been Redheads
News flash: different genes have been around forever.
(Fox News)

The Pride of Baton Rouge
Hit the music, it's Papelbon time
Baton Rouge-born Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon continues to entertain, both on and off the mound. Besides being a sensational pitcher, it also seems now that he’s a hell of a fun guy. His Irish jig antics have all of Red Sox Nation dancing.

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