Friday, October 19, 2007

The Weekly Roundup

Rainy Friday
Good evening. Welcome to our third installment of The Weekly Roundup. I hope everyone out there in cyber-land is doing well tonight. It's warm, rainy, and windy in the Boston area, but I'm having a good night anyway. Bill and I went to eat at the Outback. I know, after my last post you think all I should be eating is baked fish and broiled chicken, but we are allowed the occasional indulgence. These meds they have me on are really good, and they don't even make you deaf (read on if you don't understand my meaning).

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll be pretty busy with concerts and trying to keep up with the various sporting events that are going on. Geaux Sox! Geaux Saints! Geaux Patriots! DIE, Falcons!!!!!!!!

Highly Paid Escorts
Gates Seeks Changes On Iraq Contractors
This is a story that’s been getting some headlines recently. Rogue companies are taking weekend warriors and giving them minimal “training” then sending them over to Iraq to perform basic safety missions that are too minor for the military. These companies are paid billions of your tax dollars, and appear to be succeeding only in withering the confidence of the Iraqi people. It's good that Secretary Gates is doing his job and addressing this issue. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw it up, because if we lose the confidence of the Iraqi people, what chance to we have of getting out of this invented war with some national dignity left?
(Washington Post)

Another Score for the Corps
Drought-stricken Georgia says it will sue over water
The Corps is responsible for too much water in south Louisiana, and not enough water in northern Georgia. Am I the only one who sees the obvious solution?

Think You’re Tough?
Key to mental 'resilience' found
I knew there had to be a reason that Michael Jackson keeps bouncing back.

Unchecked Baggage
Air Force to punish 70 for nuke flight
As if Louisiana didn’t have enough problems, they fly armed nukes to Barksdale. How can so many people have screwed up so badly? Are they sending only the people with the brains overseas?
(USA Today)

FDA adding hearing loss risk for impotence drugs
Is this going to lead to a new defense for sexual assault? “You see, your honor, my client had just popped his Viagra and couldn’t hear the victim when she said she had a headache.”

Comcast really does block BitTorrent traffic after all
The marketplace will take care of Comcast. There are tons of internet services out there, and if you don’t like yours telling you what you can and can’t download, check into another one. Eventually they’ll either get the message or go out of business.

Take This Job and Shove It
Managerial Search Starts, Ever So Slowly
The Yankees began the process of replacing Joe Torre today. Obviously, a guaranteed $5 million for a year with no guarantee of productivity on his end was an insult. How much money will it take, Joe? Enjoy your unemployment.
(New York Times)

Ellen DeGeneres' Pooch Gets New Home
Now maybe I can get some sleep tonight.

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