Friday, October 12, 2007

The Weekly Roundup

RIP, Jes-Z
Heart attack blamed in go-cart racer's death
Got some sad news today. My friend Jes-Z was participating in a “team building” exercise in Chicago when he apparently suffered a heart attack and died. He crashed the go-cart, but it was into a padded wall so they’re pretty sure it was the angina that did it and not the accident. He and I were both involved with Bridge House, an intensive drug and alcohol rehab program for indigents. Jes-Z gave many, many hours and dollars to keep the program running. Bless you, my friend. You will be greatly missed.
(Chicago Tribune)

The Case Against Indulgence
Prosecutor: Mom bought weapons for boy
She bought her son guns and grenades because he was “sad.” What would she have bought him if he were angry? Uzi? AK47? What a total moron. Lock her up and throw away the key.

There’s a New Janitor in Town
Polls: Jindal leads Louisiana governor's race
Kathleen “Babooneaux” Blanco decided she didn’t want to clean up the mess she and her administration made of the handling of Katrina and the aftermath. Now, it looks like the guy she beat four years ago is the odds makers’ favorite to continue what she started.

A Convenient Truth
Gore and U.N. Panel Win Peace Prize for Climate Work
How many awards will one guy win for being a mouthpiece? It’s not like Al invented global warming, he just helps it along a bit by riding in limousines to pick up his awards and flying in jets all over the world to let us know how bad we are for the environment. Oh, and he makes a decent living at it, too.
(NY Times)

Free to Go
Guards Acquitted in Boot Camp Case
I don’t know how this young man died, but does everything nowadays have to be about race? And that lawyer is pretty cheap, comparing the young man’s unfortunate demise to Michael Vick’s heinous crimes. Loser!
(Associated Press)

I Wonder if She Breastfeeds
Britney Spears Receives Modified Visitation Rules for Her Children
This is something my parents never had to worry about. Britney’s own children can actually spend the night at her house. Score!
(VOA News)

German Hoofers
Deutsche Bahn says strike disrupts commuter traffic across Germany
If you’re heading to Germany in the next few days, I’d definitely plan on doing some walking, or perhaps rent a bike. They’ve come a long way since the Third Reich.

Maybe This was Leona Helmsley’s Problem
FDA to investigate report on lead levels in lipstick
Take note ladies: your Maybelline might be killing you.
(USA Today)

I Just Figured there was Too Much Lead in Her Lipstick
The Truth About Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctors
Stop the presses!! Anna Nicole Smith was on drugs!!! Seriously, if you were that concerned about her, wouldn’t you try to intervene before she died rather than investigating after? You can do whatever you want to the doctor, you’re never going to bring Anna Nicole back.
(FOX News)

Stop! Or Granny Will Shoot!
Oldest Female Inmate, 93, Ready To Leave Prison
Dick Cheney should take her on a hunting trip to celebrate her newfound freedom.

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