Sunday, October 7, 2007

Two Outta Three Ain't Bad

When I woke up this morning, I wanted three things to happen. There were some other, secondary, things I wanted to happen, too, but there were three main things I wanted to happen.

-the Saints to beat the Panthers
-the Sox to beat the Angels
-the Patriots to beat the Browns

It also wouldn’t have been bad if the Indians beat the Yankees, if the Titans beat the Falcons, if the Colts beat the Buccaneers, and if someone would figure out how to get this dangummed noise off my TV!!!!

Well, the Indians didn’t beat the Yankees which means that the series moves forward to another game. What that means for you is that you don’t get another Yankees story tonight. Sorry. But if it’s any consolation, Joe Torre might get to keep his job. We really don’t need the unemployment rate to go up, do we?

The Titans beat the Falcons and the Colts beat the Buccaneers, so there’s that. I’ll get to the TV thing in a bit.

But let’s talk about the Saints. I don’t know if they have it. I don’t think they have it. By all accounts, they played a good game. They beat the Panthers in almost every facet of the game, except for the final score. Almost 100 more passing yards, more rushing yards, two fourth down conversions, better third down conversions, time of possession. If you looked at the stats of this game without the score, you would conclude the Saints had to have won. But they didn’t. They can’t make it happen. They choke in the critical moments. They don’t convert all these great stats into points. Unfortunately, the score is all that matters at the end. And the season only gets tougher from here.

But at least the Red Sox are moving on to the next phase of the playoffs and, hopefully, ultimately the series. They played a great game and nothing bad happened even after putting Gagne in. And, of course, the Patriots did what everyone expected them to do, beat the Browns decisively.

So, like Marvin Lee Aday (at least that’s what his mama calls him) so eloquently sings, “Two outta three ain’t bad.”

I promise I’m not all about sports. That’s just what happens to be on my mind tonight because there was so much going on today.

We finally got that annoying noise off the TV!!!!! No, it didn’t just happen. Bill’s friend Dave (the one who sold us the TV) came over this morning and figured it out. His new nickname is SuperDave. Basically what he did was (let me know if I’m getting too technical here), he switched one thingy with another thingy, and next you know, the noise is gone! Sometimes you just accept what is, you don’t ask questions.

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Karen said...

Go Red Sox!!! Saw the game -- it was great.

Love, Ka