Sunday, October 14, 2007

Marcus & Monkey

Did some decorating for Halloween today. Yesterday Bill strung up some ghost lights, some skeleton lights, and a big purple-lighted spider web. Today I mowed the lawn and then set up the big, obnoxious inflatable jack-o-lantern with ghosts on top. It was a bit difficult at first; since it was so windy the thing kept falling over, but I was able to get it tethered and now it looks great. It’s bottom-heavy so it stays standing. Some of these things are top-heavy, like our neighbors’ across the street, and so keep falling down even when tethered. We got lucky with our thing; we had no idea what we were getting into. But now I know if I ever buy another one, to make sure that it inflates wider at the bottom than on top. I don’t care how nice the top-heavy ones look, just seeing poor Nancy have to deal with hers when they fall almost every day makes me determined to keep mine as low-maintenance as possible!

I also planted Marcus today. Marcus the Carcass is a cute little guy who looks like he’s rising from your lawn. It’s a lighted ghoul in five pieces—the head, the hands, and the feet. You arrange the parts on your lawn as if the ghoul is rising from the ground. He’s really neat. The little boy next door thought he was cool, so that’s all the validation I need! I’ll try to get some pictures to post later this week.

The Monkey is off the Saints' back!! Even though it looked like, toward the end of the game, they were trying to give it away. But they won this game like they won most of their games last season, by getting an early lead and then just pounding away and pounding away, gaining yards, getting first downs, scoring enough to stay ahead, and capitalizing on a little luck along the way. They just need to settle down and play their game and not try to be too fancy.

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