Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Comeback Kids!!

What a game! What would you think about a team if, knowing nothing else, I told you that they only led for one minute and nine seconds against Florida? You would probably think they lost, right? Well, tonight LSU only led for one minute and nine seconds. Luckily, they were the last minute and nine seconds!!

Beating the national champs definitely solidifies LSU’s place as the number 1 college team in the country. It’s entirely possible…I’m not saying anything, just that it’s POSSIBLE…that they will go undefeated this year. With the dismal performance the Saints are putting out there, it’s nice that at least one south Louisiana team is doing well this year.

Tomorrow the Saints play Carolina. Let’s hope that we can celebrate my new NFL Ticket with DirecTV with a WIN. Simple as that. Just win.

They’re trying to be too fancy this year. I mean, 4th and 2 inches at the 50 yard line and they go for the end zone? Just have Brees fall forward, for Chrissakes. In the Titans game, they pounded out a drive at the beginning of the second half, and they scored a touchdown. That’s how they went to the NFC championship last year. Not with all this fancy crap. But they didn’t keep it up. And the defense needs some serious work.

But I can’t worry about all that tonight. Tonight is all about savoring the LSU victory. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Tomorrow will be a test of the old remote skills. We got the Saints, the Patriots, and the Red Sox all playing at the same time. But I think I’m up to it. I’ve got a PhD in remote controlology.


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